Spark! Weight Loss Coaching Questions

Spark Book

In this book about weight loss coaching, Jill shares the simple secret to getting better results. Whether you work professionally with clients, are supporting a loved one, or even coaching yourself, her easy approach makes the weight loss journey more engaging, enjoyable and effective.

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Jill's Best Tips

Tips Book

For 10 years Jill has been scouring the weight loss research for the most painless, practical and helpful tips. This compilation shares her best finds.

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Don't Be Social Tofu

Tofu Book

If you know how to eat right and exercise effectively, but often fail to do it, then you are normal. This book explains how to win the cooperation of your taste buds, cravings, appetite, metabolism and other biology that can not only help you eat right and exercise, but make your brain and body WANT to...again and again. Based on Jill's experience with her first 5,000 clients, this books outlines the smartest ways to invest your limited time, energy and will power.

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